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MyBPCreditCard : The BP Visa Credit Card or BP Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank. The Synchrony Bank Privacy Policy governs the use of the BP Visa Credit Card or BP Credit Card and the privacy policy of Synchrony Bank is totally different from that of BP.

With the help of this privacy policy, every BP credit card holder enjoys the privilege of creating their own official online portal known as the Mybpcreditcard. With this option, all cardholders can easily check their discount rewards accumulated through this portal.

Mybpcreditcard account holders have the benefit to check their gift cards and account balance by just logging into their accounts on www.mybpcreditcard.com. At the same time, a BP cardholder can pay their credit card payment without having to run to the bank every time.




How to login to Mybpcreditcard Account

One’s Bp credit card number is very useful for creating a Mybpcreditcard account. If you are already registered as a member of Mybpcreditcard portal, one can list themselves with their User ID and password by following some very easy steps onwww.mybpcreditcard.com.

Follow these steps to list yourself:

New My BP Credit Card Registration

If one is already not a member of the My BP credit card portal, one has to follow the new registration process. For that firstly the credit card holder has to generate an account within the portal. Follow these steps to create an account for a new user:

After one has created a membership, they may follow the easy steps for creating their own official portal. Once having completed all these formalities, one can use this portal to pay their bills, check the FICO score, control the account preferences and create an account for paperless billing.

Advantages of Mybpcreditcard

Mybpcreditcard has its own box of advantages for its customers. Not only they are a great tool for financial issues, these cards provide better quality services for a nominal amount. It allows the Bp cardholders to save money while paying for a gallon of gas when they pay their bill with the BP credit card at the gas pump. A BP credit card holder can earn 5 to 25 cents for every gallon of their purchase.

The amazing part about these BP credit cards are that one doesn’t have to pay any annual fee. And the scope for fraud in this type of card is minimal. Also, with the help of this card, one can easily handle their ATM cash. And if one doesn’t uses these benefits, they can always exploit their My BP credit card benefits at the gas pump.

Different Types of Mybpcreditcard

While deciding to use the Mybpcreditcard, this service provides 4 different options to its customers:

1) BP Credit Card: Close to a Visa Card, this card allows its holders to use the points from this card after acquiring 100$ and above at BP stations and gas pumps.

2) BP Visa Credit Card: Just like a normal visa card, its acceptability is huge and wide and is accepted in all the places where your normal Visa Credit card is accepted. But if we compare this card with the BP credit card, the more useful card is BP credit card, as one can exploit the benefits on every $100 and one receives regular rewards accordingly.

3) Fleet Fuel Card: Reliant on the volume of purchases one makes, this card is independent of the present discounts.

4) BP Gift Card: The best things about these cards are that they do not have any expiry dates, and at the same time they do not have any charges on its usage. These cards help the customers to justify their benefits on purchase of food products, fuel and other services.

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BP Creditcard Reward Channel

1) BP Credit card holders: These cards helps its customers gain 10 cents on every gallon they purchase at BP gas stations.

2) BP Visa Card holders: For the first 90 days, with these cards, a customer can earn up to 25 cents per gallon of gas they purchase at BP gas station, on the condition that they have a standing of $100 and the station accepts Visa cards. After the end of the first 90 days, one can earn 15 cents off per gallon for every purchase of dining, travel and other groceries, 25 cents off for each gallon of your purchase and 5 cents off per gallon wherever the Visa card is accepted.

Redeeming Rewards

There are two ways for a customer to redeem their awards:

1) In the first option, one can directly get their reward credited in their bank account. In this method, a minimum of 7 cents reward credit should be available in the customer’s account. These user reward credit has a price that is a product of the number of rewards the customer has gross and 15.

2) In the second method, a customer can immediately use up their benefit by claiming their rewards directly at BP gas stations. Using this method, a customer has the opportunity to get hands on extra fuel in exchange for the rewards. A customer can reserve their money just by claiming it immediately.

Which One is Better, BP Credit Card or BP Visa Credit Card?

Both have their own specialities and advantages. It all depends on your usage and the manner you use it. Although there are so many similarities between both cards.

You can choose your best-suited card by reading the specifications of each.

BP Credit Card Specifications:

Fee & APR Ratio: No annual fee, with 28.24% of buying APR tagging.

Bonus: Comes with an introductory offer, which is, BP will reward you with 10 cents off per gallon for the next 3 months from the sign-up date.

Limits: BP credit card is restricted to use at particular locations if you want to receive benefits.

BP Visa Credit Card Specifications:

FEE & APR Ratio: The BP Visa card also includes zero annual charges and the purchasing APR ration is the same as the BP credit.

Bonus: Also include an introductory offer that is larger than BP credit, offering up to 25 cents per gallon of gas for every $100 you spend.

Cash Back: It also offers 15 cents off per gallon of gas for the cash you spend on particular grocery stores worth $100.

Limits: Although BP credit is restricted to use, there are no limitations on the Visa variant, in this scenario you can swipe it wherever Visa is approved.

My BP Credit Card Review

Through the help of multiple government studies and surveys, we have some BP credit card reviews and excellent characteristics. The main comfort of this credit card is that it provides a fairly decent quantity of money back when you buy only your needy goods and chattels.

There are many other credit card services out there on the market, which also sometimes provides benefits and cash back for spending the money only on their required products. Yes, we know it’s sucking, but BP credit card isn’t like former card facilities.

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